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Last update
20 Jan 2023

WoW’s vision is to build an inclusive web3 through its collection and community. According to research published in Nov. 2021, female artists accounted for just 5% of all NFT art sales in the prior 21 months. WoW is on a mission to change this. Together, we can create opportunities for anyone around the world to be owners, creators and contributors in this new era of the web.
We believe in giving back from Day 1. With the WoW community, we’re taking action to increase diversity in the NFT space, educate and onboard the next generation of creators and builders, and create equal opportunities for everyone. The time is now. 

WoW owners are contributors and key stakeholders in our mission, which comes with many unique benefits.

Base price

WoW artwork began as 10,000 NFTs, which are profile picture avatars that can be used on social media. When you become a part of the World of Women NFT community, your ownership comes with benefits, including ownership of the artwork,  access to artdrop, discounts, events, and more.

3,131.85 USD (1.929 ETH)
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Available benefits
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Access (basic) to art drops
Access (basic) to file.png
Access (basic) to file
Access (basic) to presales
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Mint of NFT (general)
Community discussions
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Gleen Harrison
Commented 19h ago
I just got the ticket that was attached to my NFT, it was so easy, I'm so happy!
Ellipse 2.png
John Richardson
Replied | 2h ago
You're a lucky person! It doesn't seem to work with my wallet. @projectowner, please help!


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WoW #7763

by World of women
membership & access
3,131.85 USD (1.929 ETH)
base price
Screenshot at Nov 27 17-03-01.png
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WoW #6790

by Awesome
membership & access
3,131.85 USD (1.929 ETH)
base price
Screenshot at Nov 27 17-04-40.png
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WoW #9076

by Yuga Labs
membership & access
3,131.85 USD (1.929 ETH)
base price
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