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NFTs can be used in the entertainment industry by allowing creators to monetize their work, such as music, videos, and games. They can also be used to grant access to exclusive content, such as backstage passes or meet-and-greets.


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earnings & savings
212.69 USD (0.131 ETH)
base price
earn royalties from music
membership in community
partial/split partial of music
access to music


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by tmrwconf
tickets & admittance passes
199 USD
floor price
access to events
access to merch items
access to giveaway/perks
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gradient (1).png
gradient (1).png
membership & access
114,929.83 USD (71 ETH)
base price
full ownership of commercial rights
membership in club
access to merch items
asset ownership
gradient (1).png

Premiere Mystery Edition

by Warner Bros.
30 USD
base price
access to movie
access to AR collectibles
access to images
Screenshot at Jan 19 12-21-14-min.png
gradient (1).png
gradient (1).png

The Walking Dead Official

by AMC
asset ownership
210.27 USD (0.1299 ETH)
base price
access to merch items
access to content
access to airdrop
access to NFT drop
mint NFT
access to metaverse
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