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Asset Ownership

Credited for the hugely popular NFT collectors boom, and web3 eco-system, digital assets ownership is the conceptual genesis of NFT’s.

Owning an NFT means you own a digital asset. This is the bread and butter concept of NFT’s and still the biggest and most popular market trend since conceptualization.

This is where NFT enthusiasts come to collect and trade their assets. It is also where collectors shop for communities and utility. And there is a proverbial ton of them.

Our platform will help you navigate projects by their utility and value to you personally.


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ENS: Ethereum Name Service

by ens.eth
asset ownership
1.1 USD (1.1 USDC)
base price
full ownership of domain name


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asset ownership
62.67 USD (0.0386 ETH)
base price
full ownership of commercial rights
access to 7K high definition file
access to community
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asset ownership
45.46 USD (0.028 ETH)
base price
full ownership of Metaverse items
access to merch items
by Parallel
asset ownership
2.44 USD (0.0015 ETH)
base price
full ownership of character
full ownership of game items
NFT stacking to rewards
full ownership of trading cards / fantasy sports
play to earn in a game
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gradient (1).png
asset ownership
floor price
full ownership of airdrop
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