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Last update
20 Jan 2023

Planies are a special cartoon aircraft design collection of 10 000 one-of-a-kind collectibles stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Powered by airBaltic, every joyful Planie is a unique artwork generated from 180 different traits, such as wings, engines, a mouth, eyes and many more

Once you stake your Planie, this digital travel buddy of yours will earn you 20 points per day, which you can redeem for a free flight. There's more - after each 10 flights flown you will get a free upgrade to Business class. So the more you fly, the more Business class flights you get!

Base price
Score rating

NFT holder would earn 20 point per day and after year will earn a free flight and after 10 flight with the company if you hold the nft you will fet a free upgrade to business class.

244.23 USD (0.15 ETH)
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Available benefits
Access (basic) to giveaway / perks
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NFT staking for earnings
Community discussions
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Gleen Harrison
Commented 19h ago
I just got the ticket that was attached to my NFT, it was so easy, I'm so happy!
Ellipse 2.png
John Richardson
Replied | 2h ago
You're a lucky person! It doesn't seem to work with my wallet. @projectowner, please help!


Screenshot at Nov 30 14-45-59.png
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Planies NFT #00119

earnings & savings
121.14 USD (0.0744 ETH)
price on Opensea
Screenshot at Nov 30 14-46-11.png
gradient (1).png

Planies NFT #02972

earnings & savings
244.23 USD (0.15 ETH)
price on Opensea
Screenshot at Nov 30 14-47-29.png
gradient (1).png

Planies NFT #01600

earnings & savings
11,397.26 USD (7 ETH)
price on Opensea
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