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20 Jan 2023

Ninja Squad is an NFT and crypto trading community, with a focus on education, gaming and innovating utilities for NFTs. What started as an 8,888-piece NFT collection in November 2021 has since been evolving into a larger technology and lifestyle brand harnessing IRL and metaverse components.

Our mission is to enable financial freedom for our community through web3, crypto and NFT education. Through the tools, products and content created by our team of 20+ professionals, we’re able to empower 4K members with data from the best of the industry so they can make more informed decisions as they roam the digital currency trading space.

Base price

The owner of the NFT gets access to channels, curated news analysis from experts, you can earn $NST every day and get benefint from all-in-one instant data tracking trading tool. 

470.83 USD (0.29 ETH)
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Available benefits
Access (basic) to Community
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NFT staking for earning
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Access to analytics tools 
Access (basic) to content
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Access to analytics tips
Community discussions
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Gleen Harrison
Commented 19h ago
I just got the ticket that was attached to my NFT, it was so easy, I'm so happy!
Ellipse 2.png
John Richardson
Replied | 2h ago
You're a lucky person! It doesn't seem to work with my wallet. @projectowner, please help!


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Ninja #2048

earnings & savings
485.44 USD (0.299 ETH)
price on OpenSea
Screenshot at Nov 29 18-39-54.png
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Ninja #2351

earnings & savings
408.36 USD (0.25 WETH)
price on OpenSea
Screenshot at Nov 29 18-39-47.png
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Ninja #1366

earnings & savings
421.70 USD (0.259 ETH)
price on OpenSea
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